Dear Boris,
I received the walking cane you made the other day and I am pleased bey
I put the walking cane handle in my hand and it seemed as though you had me in your shop to measure my hand for the handle,
it fits so well to my hand it it quite are an outstanding and wonderful artist and craftsman.

The walking cane makes me feel absolutely steady and fast when I walk...the balance is perfect.
The cane is nothing less than perfection.
I cannot thank you enough, and it was worth every cent I paid for you to craft this for me.
I would recommend you to anyone and you should be considered a fine artist.
Thank you so much, you are truly gifted. You have made my ability to walk so much more easy, and I am proud to have your work in my hand.
Sincerely,   Sandra L. Hacker

The cane arrived. Let me just say that I went through a lot of web sites
on custom made walking canes and walking sticks before I selected yours.
All I can say at this point is...WOW!
I did not make a mistake. It is perfect,
fantastic and better than I could ever have hoped for.
Every part of it. You do fantastic and excellent work and I greatly appreciate it.
It could not have been better. Thank you!

Hi Boris,
I've had a look at the new designs--very nice.

If I ever need another walking cane, I will most definately come back to you!
"Wolf" cane attracts lots of admiration.
Hope all is well,
Kind Regard

I have just received the walking cane.  Thanks to  the efficiency of the UK postal system there was a bit of a delay!  

I am very, very pleased with it.  I am a funeral director and the the walking cane is very much a part  of the English funereal tradition
It is really good to be able to find a cane that is unique, and this certainly fills the bill!   
I am looking forward to 'stepping out' with it this week.
I will forward to you a photo of the walking cane at work for your appreciation, in due course.
Thanks again for your efficiency in processing this order.
Best regards,

Dear Boris,
It;s outstanding!  and beautiful.   Again, Thanks.
Jeff Ollswang

 Mr. Palatnik, 
I purchased one of your wolf head canes last December. It arrived in mid-January in beautiful condition.
I absolutely love this cane, as does everyone else who sees it.
The walking cane is the wolf head model in sterling silver with a black ebony shaft.
I am wondering what I should do to keep it as beautiful as it currently is.
I don't know what to use on either the shaft or the head to preserve them.
Could you advise my about this? I would certainly appreciate any advise you could give me.
Thanks for the wonderful walking cane and the advise,
Mark Schletty 
Seattle, a.

Hello Mr Boris Palatnik,
Received the Wolf walking Cane this morning in perfect condition. The Walking cane is in deed beautiful.Thank you for the work of art.
Sincerely Doug

Hello Boris
Just to let you know that the Walking cane has arrived. Thank you for the effort and craftsmanship put in to the peace.
It is a pleasure to own and well worth the wait.
I’ll not hesitate to recommend your work.
Best regards
De Chao Peterson.

Hello Boris,
Thank you very much for an outstanding piece of artwork!
My Wife loves it and so doesn’t everyone else I have showed it to. I am very happy with it!
I am wondering if you could sell me a dozen rubber cane tips.
If so, you can just charge the credit card you have on file and send them.
If not, could you please tell me where I may find some and how much I should expect to pay.
I have gone through many in the past, as I put a lot of weight on my walking cane, due to my spinal condition.  Please let me know.
Vito A. Foti Jr.

Dear Boris,
I received my walking cane late this afternoon, right on time, and all I can say is, "WOW!" It looks and feels FANTASTIC! 
The height, weight, and balance is perfect, and everything we'd agreed upon is as exactly as you said!
he ebony wood is beautifuI, the blend of the 24K Gold and German Silver on the Elephant is excellent,
it fits in the palm of my hand perfectly, and the sword itself is a precision instrument. 
I immediately took it out to the local store, and had barely walked inside, before a man walked up to inquire about, and compliment me on it. 
I will use it for the next couple of months, at least, while recovering from my surgery, and I will treasure it as a family heirloom for years to come. 
Furthermore, I will continue to use it when I reach an older age that requires such a walking cane. 
I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for this fine piece of true art.
Eric D. Everest

Hi Boris,
The Walking Cane arrived yesterday, and I am very pleased with it, lovely quality.
I will look forward to receiving the blade shortly.
Many thanks and regards,

Hello Boris,
Just to let you know that the walking cane arrived with me today. Thanks very much, I am very pleased with it.
Best regards from Gary.

 Hi Boris,
Thank you very much for the walking cane which was absolutely beautiful.
Is it possible to get a longer rubber tip as the cane is slightly shorter than the one I'm using at the moment.
Many thanks.
Tony Warren

My walking cane arrived today.  It is beautiful, and I can really feel how well balanced it is. 
Your work is spectacular, and I am sure I have another walking cane from you in my near future.  Probably more. 
I have one minor problem, I would say it is about 1+1/2  inches too long. 
My arm is bent more than a comfortable amount.  Is this something you would be able to adjust? 
I would not dare myself!

I have received both walking canes, and they are beautiful.
i was wondering since i will probably be using the sterling silver/ ebony wood cane, about upkeep.
what should i use if i should scuff the wood by accident?

Hi Boris,
I remain very pleased with my walking cane - thank you!
Could I order, please, another one, same length, same handle (snail) but in rosewood,
with German silver handle, in three pieces, for travelling? 
Whatwould the price be?
Thanks,   Richard

I received my walking stick today and wanted to let you know 
how happpy I am with your craftsmanship. The stick is beautiful and I wanted to send you a note of thanks.
Best Regards,
Jack Riess.
Ellicott City,MD.

Hello, Mr. Palatnik;
I received the walking cane and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful piece of art you’ve made;
it far exceeded my expectation. 

In the future, I hope we can call upon you for another custom made walking cane. 
And, of course, your excellent service is most appreciated.

With kindest regards,
Kayhan Koleini

Mr. Palatnik, your excellent piece of art arrived as committed.
I can't express how satisfied I feel with the quality of your "Tiger" walking cane. 
Immediately when I took it in my hands there was a strange link connection with it.  
Although not in the need of one, I collect canes as a hobby and this is the best one I have; so far. 
It is not only the perfect balance of the walking cane's overall design, but the grace of the handle's grip is second to none. 
I'm totally pleased with this purchase and look forward to add more of your art to my collection in the future. 
Also, thank you much for your quick delivery as well as using the United States Postal Service; best courier you could've possibly selected.
Joe Bejar, Architect/Eng.

Dear Boris,
I'm sorry this email is a little late in coming, but I did received the walking cane and it's a beautiful piece of art.  Well done!

I got the walking cane sword today... it is beautiful!!!  I will write to let you know what David says when he get's it!!
Thanks again!

Dear Boris,
My wolf walking cane arrived the other day. I was very excited to see the package when I came home.
The first time I visited your site and read customer testimonials, most were from people who had purchased them
as collectables and not as assistance devices. Mine is for daily use.
After reading about how they were constructed and speaking to you,
I felt fairly confident that they were more than up to this practical task.
When I opened the box I was surprised at first due to the unexpected finish of the African Ebony.
I knew that we’d agreed upon this, but for some reason I was still envisioning the rosewood. I was however not the least bit disappointed.
The walking cane is an extremely beautiful work of art. I’ve had the opportunity to walk a few times with my new walking cane and was very pleased.
It definitely seems more than adequate for my 300 lbs. I was surprised at how sturdy it really is.
The 39” length is perfect and after a couple of walks the Wolf head handle has become quite comfortable.
I haven’t had the need to rap any unfriendly dogs on the snot yet, but I am confident that it will hold up nicely.
The only problem with it is that it’s so beautiful I’m almost afraid to use it,
but I know it will last a lifetime and with a little maintenance and should look just as good as it does now.
Once again thanks Boris. You are a true artisan.
Scott Hill

 dear mr. palatnik,
i just received the walking cane you made for me. 
is exactly what i wanted and made perfectly.  you skill is beyond words. 
thank you very much.  hope the
bad weather in ohio is not affecting you in any way. 
thank you.
thank you,
Christian Berkey
lebanon, new Hampshire
Thank You !!!

A beautiful work of Art ! Very impressive walking cane , I can't put it down.
Sincerely !!!   Charles C. Elmore

Dear Mr Palatnik
The "Cougar" walking cane arrived today as promised. 
I am now the proud owner of five of your canes, all silver and ebony, and all superlative works of art. 
The Cougar, once again, is a masterwork of unique design and aesthetic line.  Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. 
My problem now is which walking cane for which day. 
Obviously,  I will have to save-up to buy two more of your creations so that each day of the week will be covered and I will be relieved of lengthy indecision and lost time.
Thank you again for all the pleasure you have provided through your art.
G.  Wright