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Walking canes, walking sticks, sword canes and cane guns designs. Handmade in the USA
Handmade walking canes will be made individually at the customer request. 
Sterling or Bronze silver mounted on an Ebony or Rosewood walking canes shafts.
Custom walking canes handle are available with natural gems as eyes.
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Custom walking cane will be made individually and signed by the artist.
The handle can be cast from different metals:
1. Sterling silver (92.5%), approximately 4.5oz.
2. German silver (silver imitation alloy - looks like silver).
3.Yellow bronze
High quality natural Gems (2.3mm) can be used for eyes.
The height of the handle is 3.7"
The tapered shaft (7/8") can be made from Ebony or redish - brown Rosewood.
The standard length (37") can be changed at the customer 's request.
The end of the shaft is covered with a metal ferrule.
A rubber tip can be placed over the ferrule if needed.