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Walking Canes & Walking Sticks

We offer a vast array of walking canes, walking sticks, sword canes and cane gunsHandmade walking canes will be made individually and signed at your request. Sterling silver or Bronze mounted on an Ebony or Rosewood walking canes shafts. Custom walking canes are available with 24K Gold trim and natural gems.
Make the best first impression with our stunning and stylish walking sticks. The INITIALS OR NAME CAN BE ENGRAVED on the walking sticks that will surely blow your mind and you will be spoilt for choices. Some of the classic picks are the unique walking cane Mermaid, art walking cane horse, crook walking cane grapes, exclusive walking cane pan, etc. - each made to order and signed by the artist as per your request. The standard 37" can be customized as well. We can place a rubber tip on the ferrule if required and you can choose the metal you like for the handle.

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